We are happy to announce that Gardner Goldsmith’s Liberty Conspiracy has joined the Free Talk Live network of shows and will be heard on Friday nights 7-10pm Eastern time and also on our podcast.

Become part of the Conspiracy, because freedom is out of fashion nowadays! Gardner Goldsmith is a writer and lecturer in the fields of fiction, and non-fiction. He is a writer for MRCTV and lectures in political philosophy, economics, and philosophy, as well as releasing fiction, which can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In addition to his show on Free Talk Live, you can watch Liberty Conspiracy weekdays at 6 pm eastern on Rumble, Rokfin, and Gardner’s Twitter feed, which is @gardgoldsmith, and you can find his Substack, which features the big Sunday News Assembly, covering major stories related to liberty and adding contextual information to help carry away large lessons to apply in the future. On the Free Talk Live network every Friday.