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What is the Free Talk Live Network?

The Free Talk Live Network features some of the best libertarian shows out there, seven days per week, on broadcast radio and online via podcast, direct download, and streaming audio. Here are the shows currently appearing as part of the Free Talk Live Network:


Free Talk Live LogoFree Talk Live

Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L. Free Talk Live is an open phones panel discussion with a variety of hosts. FTL airs from their network studio in Keene, New Hampshire. You can listen live or via MP3 archive via the links in the top menu.  Free Talk Live is an outreach project of the Shire Free Church and features various voices from New Hampshire’s liberty activist community.  Most of our hosts are here in NH as part of the Shire Society or Free State Project.


Ernest Hancock

Declare Your Independence

Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement – that will come in its own time. “Declare Your Independence” works closely with FreedomsPhoenix.com to ‘Uncover the Secrets and Expose the Lies’ so that we can flourish in a very exciting future. Ernest has longtime relationships with activists across the country. Known as a radical, Ernest is always engaging, entertaining, and his brand of freedom is unforgettable to all who meet him. “Freedom’s The Answer, What’s the Question?!”


Liberty at NightLiberty at Night

Two business owners and former touring musicians bring you a unique take on news, politics, and how to pursue a meaningful life in the most Libertarian way possible. On “Liberty at Night“, Nate and Charlie explain politics and economics in a digestible fashion, and they’re also funny as hell! They don’t just complain about the world’s problems, they offer real libertarian solutions that are easy to understand, and even easier to implement.


Edgington Post LogoRaines & Edge

Free Talk Live’s original co-host Mark Edge teams up with his old boss from the comic book store he worked for as a kid, Henry Raines. Its a Progressive and a Libertarian looking honestly at the news of the week. Can they agree on anything?