Earlier in July, I made a big announcement about our weekday shows shifting to include some of the top libertarian podcasters in the new “Free Talk Live Network“. I already announced that longtime LRN.FM morning show host Ernest Hancock’s “Declare Your Independence” will be helming Monday nights. Please also welcome our new shows on Tuesday and Friday nights, “Liberty at Night” and “Raines and Edge”, respectively.

“Liberty at Night” is hosted by Nate and Charlie of the daily libertarian podcast, “Good Morning Liberty“. They have a great sense of humor and have been producing a daily podcast for several years now, so they were a natural fit for Free Talk Live’s network of shows. You’ll hear them on Tuesday nights.

“Raines and Edge” is a show where Free Talk Live’s Mark Edge teams up with his old boss from the comic book store, Henry Raines, who self-describes as a progressive. Will they agree on anything? Tune in Friday nights to find out.

Of course, in addition to airing fresh on our audio streams from 7-10pm Eastern, all our new shows are also being included in our main RSS podcast feed. For more information about our new shows, please visit this page. I hope you enjoy them!