Ernest Hancock of "Declare Your Independence"Effective tonight, we’ve pulled the trigger on a major change to Free Talk Live, especially on the radio. Tonight, Ernest Hancock’s “Declare Your Independence” took over our Monday night show. Why? Frankly, I’ve been considering ending our live weekday radio show for years, since prior to COVID. When I created Free Talk Live in 2002, I wanted an open phones radio show where anyone could call in to express their opinion. We did that for many years and it was a lot of fun.

However in recent years, the format has gone stale. It’s the same handful of regulars calling every night. Perhaps national radio exposure doesn’t have the same appeal it did fifteen years ago, but for whatever reason, we’re just not getting the level of participation to keep the show interesting for me, and I’ve always tried to do the show I’d want to listen to. Rather than canceling the weekday radio show entirely, in order to continue serving our radio listeners and stations with pro-liberty content, Mark suggested we invite some of the top libertarian podcasters to expand their reach.

We’re calling it “The Free Talk Live Network” on-air and are starting off with the hardest working man in liberty radio, Ernest Hancock and his show, “Declare Your Independence” which for more than a decade has been the reigning morning show on LRN.FM, the Liberty Radio Network. He’ll be holding down Monday nights. More shows to be announced.

Free Talk Live will continue as an open phones radio show on its nights, which for now will definitely be on weekends and some weeknights. We may also do more “Freer Talk Live” internet-only episodes on weeknights when we want to, and for as long as we want, which is a nice feature of no longer being tied to a radio broadcast schedule – more creative and production freedom.

All Free Talk Live Network shows will appear in our main RSS podcast feed in addition to being broadcast on our radio affiliates. I’ve yet to determine exactly how they’ll be handled on our streams on nights we go live on internet-only “Freer Talk Live” shows, but for now the new FTL Network shows are appearing on our FTL 24/7 streams and our video streams.

Stay tuned for more show announcements!